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Other Writing

Martin Siegel's writing has appeared in a variety of national and professional publications:


New York Times

Why Trump’s Supreme Court Fantasy List is Bad for Real Life, Sep.16, 2020


The Left Shouldn’t Freak Out About Trump’s Judges (Yet), Nov. 21, 2019

Los Angeles Times

Bryant Case Tosses a Lifeline to the Laws Against Adultery, Aug. 13, 2004

Houston Chronicle

Taking in Refugees Has Been Part of Texas History Since the Alamo, Jan. 17, 2020 


Texas Vote Fraud Falsehoods Distract from Real Civic Participation, Feb. 5. 2019 

There’s Nothing in the Second Amendment Banning Gun Regulations, Apr. 9, 2018

Challenging Houston's Same-Sex Benefits is a Pointless Legal Battle, Mar. 1, 2017 


Police Should Bear More of Burden in Civil Cases, Apr. 15, 2015

The Myth of Dem, GOP Justice, Sep. 10, 2006


We Don’t Have Kings in Texas, May 29, 2005


Why Texas Republicans Should Love the Trial Lawyers, Apr. 20, 2003


​Litigation, a quarterly, is the flagship publication of the American Bar Association's Section on Litigation. 

Siegel has been on the editorial board since 2007, served as editor-in-chief in 2014-16, and is now a senior editor. His collected Litigation articles may be found here.

Law Review Articles

"Congressional Power Over Presidential Elections: The Constitutionality of the Help America Vote Act Under Article II, Section 1, 28." Vermont Law Review 373 (Winter 2004).

"For Better or for Worse: Adultery, Crime and the Constitution," 30 Journal of Family Law 45 (1991-92) 

Texas Lawyer

​From 2009 to 2014, Siegel wrote a regular column for Texas Lawyer on appellate practice.

These articles are collected here.


Does 4th Amendment Protect Non-citizens?, San Francisco Daily Journal, Nov. 10, 2016


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